Section 5.7 General Remarks Field

Only information that is descriptive of and relevant to an accurate portrayal of the Listed property may be included in the general “Remarks” field. Information considered specific to the agent/office contact information, self-advertising and promotion is prohibited. Specific information prohibited in the general remarks field includes, but is not limited to, agent/office name, agent/office phone number, cell phone numbers, e-mail address, web site address, URL, or any HTML links of any kind that directly or indirectly link to a company or agent advertising, Open House announcement, or any other information of this nature. Information specific to the office or agent may be entered into the “Agent Only Remarks” field.

Practice Note: Information referring to Open Houses, commissions, branded URL’s, photos or virtual tours and self-promoting URL’s, contact information or other forms of advertising are prohibited in General Remarks. These types of information may be entered in the Agent Only Comments section. Open House information must be entered in the Open House fields. If entered in the correct fields it may also be included in Agent Only Comments field.


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