Section 5.14 Listing Price Specified

The full gross list, lease or exchange price must be stated in the Listing Agreement and entered as the Listing Price in the CVR MLS Database, unless the property is subject to auction. Agents may not enter a listing at a price the Seller is not willing to accept assuming all other terms and conditions meet the Sellers specifications set forth in the listing agreement. The List Price for resale properties may not be changed in the MLS once the listing is subject to a fully ratified contract.

The listing price for auction properties shall be the opening bid price, tax assessment, appraisal, or in the case where the property is available for sale pre-auction, the minimum price the Seller will accept pre-auction. The basis for the list price shall be stated in the Remarks section of the listing. 

Practice Note: A VA Auctioneers license is required to offer real estate for sale by auction and to advertise the terms and conditions of an auctions.


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