Section 5.5 Entry of Listing Content

Listings may be entered into the MLS Database utilizing the MLS web site or may be submitted by fax, email or hand delivery to CVR MLS. Participants and Subscribers who wish to have their Listings entered by CVR MLS staff must complete and submit a CVR MLS Listing Input Form and a copy of the Listing Agreement within the time frame outlined in Section 5.1 of these Rules and Regulations. A fee will apply to requests for entry of Listings by CVR MLS staff. Payment for Listing input must be provided at the time the Listing Agreement and Input form are submitted.

Listing Content provided to CVR MLS shall be limited to information related to the sale, lease or exchange of listed property. The information must be objective and verifiable by an interested party. The information may not include any subjective impressions or opinions which could be misunderstood or misconstrued.


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