Section 5.30 Pre-construction/To Be Built Homes

Pre-construction and new construction homes that are required to be entered into the MLS under Section 5.2 must be entered into the CVR MLS database under the appropriate property type in accordance with the following:

A. The lot owner has executed a listing agreement with a CVR MLS Participant for the sale of the lot.

  1. If the lot owner is not the builder, there must be a contractual agreement in place between the lot owner and a builder that grants the builder an interest in the lot.
  2. If there is no contractual agreement in place between the lot owner and the builder, the listing does not qualify for MLS

B. Listings under a Blanket or Master Agreement with the listing firm shall include an exhibit or addendum of the lots to be included under such agreement and identified accordingly (either by lot number, address, PID, if known.)

  1. If all lots under a Blanket or Master Agreement will not be entered into the MLS within three (3) days of the ratification of the listing agreement, the Agreement should be submitted to CVR MLS as an Office Exclusive, as set forth in Section 5.9 of these Rules.

C. The list price includes the price of the lot and the residential structure to be built.

D. Within seven (7) days of a ratified Purchase Agreement, the Pre-Construction/New Construction shall be entered into the MLS.

  1. Pre-Sale/New Construction entries may use the ratification date on the Purchase Agreement as the List Date.
  2. Listing information, including list price, may be changed up until the listing is closed in the MLS.

E. The listing agent shall complete all the required fields on the listing input form.

F. The first photo shall be an image of the model offered or an artist rendering. If the image is different from the actual model, disclosure must be made in the Public Remarks and Photo Description.

G. Days on Market (DOM) will not accrue for New Construction listings.


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