Section 9.6 Notice of Fine

If the revision to a correctable violation is made pursuant to the instructions in the Notice of Violation within the Grace Period of the Notice, or if satisfactory evidence refuting the alleged violation is submitted to CVR MLS staff within the Grace Period provided in the Notice of Violation, the violation will be dismissed.

If the Participant or Subscriber fails to correct the violation(s) within the Grace Period or submit satisfactory evidence refuting the alleged violation,  a “Notice of Fine” will be e-mailed to both the Participant and Subscriber. The violation must be corrected and the fine paid within five (5) days from the date of the Fine Notice, unless the Respondent files a request for a review hearing before a CVR MLS Compliance Panel or the Subscriber or Participant has incurred Multiple Violations, as defined in Section 9.5.

If the Participant or Subscriber fails to pay an assessed fine or to request a hearing within five (5) days of the Notice of Fine, the Participant or Subscriber will be suspended from CVR MLS and the Lockbox System until the violation has been corrected and the fine has been paid.

Repeated violations of CVR MLS Rules and Regulations may result in other fines or discipline, as applicable. (See Section 9.5 Multiple Violations)


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