Section 9.13 Listings of Expelled Participants

When a CVR MLS Participant is expelled from the MLS for failing to abide by a membership duty (i.e., violation of the Code of Ethics, association bylaws, MLS bylaws, MLS rules and regulations, or other membership obligations except failure to pay appropriate dues, fees, or charges), all Listings currently filed with the MLS by the expelled Participant shall, at the Participant’s option, be retained in the service until sold, withdrawn, or expired, and shall not be renewed or extended by CVR MLS beyond the termination date of the Listing Agreement in effect when the expulsion became effective. If a Participant has been expelled from the association (except where MLS participation without association membership is permitted by law) or MLS (or both) for failure to pay appropriate dues, fees, or charges, an association MLS is not obligated to provide MLS services, including continued inclusion of the expelled Participant’s Listings in the MLS compilation of current Listing information. Prior to any removal of an expelled Participant’s Listings from the MLS, the expelled Participant will receive ten (10) days written notice of the intended removal so that the expelled Participant may advise his clients.


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