Section 9.5 Multiple Violations

Multiple Violations of the CVR MLS Rules and Regulations – If a Participant or Subscriber has six (6) or more un-refuted Notices of Violation within a calendar month, or six (6) violations of the same rule within a in a calendar year the Participant or Subscriber will be fined $500.00. This fine will apply regardless of whether the underlying violations were corrected and/or a fine was assessed for the individual violations.

Practice Note: The goal of the MLS compliance process is to maintain the quality and integrity of the MLS database. The intent of Section 9.5 is to address repeat violations of the same rule and patterns of consistent rule violation. The violation count includes violations that are corrected within five (5) of receipt of a violation notice. So it is important to respond to all violation notices promptly and to notify the MLS if you dispute the finding of violation. The compliance software will occasionally recognize some data or lack thereof as a violation. In the case of this sort of false positive situation, you should respond to the notice and provide an explanation.


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