Section 9.4 Notice of Violation

If CVR MLS staff determines that a violation of the Rules and Regulations has occurred a Notice of Violation will be emailed to both the Participant and Subscriber. The notice will specify the violation and indicate that the violation recipient has five (5) days correct the violation or submit documentation that the finding of violation is incorrect. Violations of MLS rules that are time sensitive, including but not limited to listing entry and status updates are not correctable and will be subject to appropriate fines provided herein.

CVR MLS distributes all violation and fine notices via e-mail. All Participants and Subscribers are required to provide CVR MLS with a valid contact email address. Not having an e-mail address or having an incorrect email address on file with CVR MLS does not excuse a Participant or Subscriber from their responsibility to pay assessed MLS fines or respond to notices within the specified time periods.


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