Section 12.2.14 Proper Use of Lockbox System

A. Lockboxes may be used on properties listed with CVR MLS Participant firms and must be used on the property when so indicated on the published Listing.

B. Lockboxes are normally programmed to exclude entry between 9PM and 6AM.

C. Lockboxes that have been programmed for CBS (Call Before Showing) should be so indicated in the MLS Listing and on the box itself. In no case shall CBS codes be published or distributed. CBS codes are confidential and should only be provided on a case-by-case basis according to the needs of the specific transaction.

D. When leaving a property, it is the responsibility of the agent to ensure that the Property Key is replaced in the lockbox and that the lockbox is properly closed. If a lockbox is found not properly closed, the agent should contact the Listing Broker immediately. The Listing broker/agent should determine the last person found to have entered the property (provided this was not the agent to report the violation) and contact CVR MLS.

E. Care should be taken when entering a property by use of a Lockbox. The property and the lockbox should be left in the same condition in which it was found. It is common courtesy for an agent (even when previewing) to leave a business card in the property. Should an agent find a property left in an unsatisfactory condition it should be immediately reported to the Listing Participant.

F. Lockboxes shall be physically removed within 48 hours2 days of listing expiration, termination or settlement. Failure to remove a lockbox within this time period may constitute a finable violation under these Rules. Additionally, the lockbox should be unassigned in the SentriLock/SentriKey system within the same two (2) days.


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