Section 4.8 Representations and Warranties

By the act of submission of Listings to CVR MLS, the Participant and Subscriber represent and warrant that:

  1. The Participant has been authorized to grant and also thereby does grant authority for CVR MLS to include the Listings in the MLS Database and also in any statistical report on comparable data. All right, title, and interest in the MLS Database shall at all times remain vested in CVR MLS as provided under these Rules and Regulations.
  2. The Participant and the Seller have entered into an Exclusive Agency, Exclusive Right to Sell, Exclusive Authorization to Lease or Property Management agreement.
  3. The Seller has agreed in writing that CVR MLS may include the Listing in the MLS Database, license the MLS Database to third parties, disclose and publicly display the Listing, and otherwise lawfully use the Listing information.
  4. The Listing complies in all respects with these Rules and Regulations.
  5. To the best of the Participant’s and Subscriber’s knowledge, and after reasonable due diligence to verify accuracy, all information included in the Listing Content is accurate and complete.
  6. All creative works included in the Listing Content are either original works of authorship of the Participant and/or Subscriber, including all remarks and other text, photographs, video clips, and other graphics and all other components of the Listing Content, or Participant and/or Subscriber have acquired all ownership and copyrights in such Listing Content and its components pursuant to written assignments.
  7. Participant has assigned their rights in the Listing Content to CVR MLS in accordance with these Rules and Regulations and no other person or entity has any rights of any nature in or to any of the Listing Content.
  8. There are no claims, litigation or proceedings pending or threatened with respect to the Listing, or any component of the Listing Content.

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