Section 11.1 Authorization

Participants’ consent for display of their active listings by other participants pursuant to these rules and regulations is presumed unless a participant affirmatively notifies the MLS that the Participant refuses to permit display (either on a blanket or on a listing-by-listing basis). If a Participant refuses on a blanket basis to permit the display of that participant’s listings, that participant may not download, frame or display the aggregated MLS data of other Participants. Even where Participants have given blanket authority for other Participants to display their listings on IDX sites, such consent may be withdrawn on a Listing-by-Listing basis where the Seller has prohibited all Internet display.

CVR MLS prohibits the electronic display of other Participants and Subscribers listings outside the context of the Internet Data Exchange (IDX) and Virtual Office Website (VOW) policies and rules. Amended 8/13

ARTICLE 11: Internet Data Exchange (IDX) Policy

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