Section 10.2 MLS Listing Display

The right of a Participant’s VOW to display MLS Listing Information is limited to that supplied by the MLS(s) in which the Participant has participatory rights.  However, a Participant with offices participating in different MLSs may operate a master website with links to the VOWs of the other offices.

Subject to the provisions of the VOW Policy and these Rules, a Participant’s VOW, including any VOW operated on behalf of a Participant by an AVP, may provide other features, information, or functions, e.g.  Internet Data Exchange (“IDX”).

Except as otherwise provided in the VOW Policy or in these Rules, a Participant need not obtain separate permission from other MLS Participants whose Listings will be displayed on the Participant’s VOW.

CVR MLS prohibits the electronic display of other Participants and Subscribers listings outside the context of the Internet Data Exchange (IDX) and Virtual Office Website (VOW) policies and rules.


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