Section 7.1 Showings and Negotiations

All dealings concerning property exclusively listed, or with buyers/tenants, who are exclusively represented, shall be carried on with the Listing Participant, and not with the customer, except with the consent of the Listing Participant or when such dealings are initiated by the clients or customers. Any listing filed with the service shall not be made available to any broker or firm not a member of the MLS without the prior consent of the listing broker. Only the sign of the listing broker may be placed on the property.

Appointments for showing and negotiations with the Seller for the purchase of listed property filed with the CVR MLS shall be conducted through the Listing Participant except under the following circumstances:

A. The Listing Participant gives the cooperating Participant specific written authority to show and/or negotiate directly, or;
B. If, after a reasonable effort, the cooperating Participant/Subscriber cannot contact the agent contact listed in the MLS, the Cooperating Participant/Subscriber may contact the Firm broker to make arrangements for showing access or offer presentation.

Practice Note: Cooperating Participants and Subscribers may not contact the Seller of a property or access a lockbox installed on the property unless the Listing contains stated instructions to go direct and use the lockbox or contact Seller/tenant directly.


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