Section 3.6 CVR MLS Forms

Participants and Subscribers have access to a CVR MLS forms library provided through a CVR MLS approved forms or transaction management partner.  The forms library contains both CVR MLS copyrighted (“CVR MLS Forms”) and non-CVR MLS copyrighted documents.  This forms library is provided to CVR MLS users for use in their real estate practice.  Any of the following actions will be considered a Prohibited Use of CVR MLS Forms:  (a) providing CVR MLS Forms to any non-CVR MLS agent or broker, unless the Participant or Subscriber is actively involved in a transaction with the non-CVR MLS Participant or Subscriber and/or (b) providing CVR MLS Forms to any client, customer or member of the public for use outside of a transaction involving the CVR MLS Participant or Subscriber.   Any Prohibited Use of a CVR MLS form is considered a violation of these Rules and Regulations and may be subject to a fine.