ARTICLE 20: License To Participant’s Listings

Upon the receipt of a written request from a Participant, in a form acceptable to CVR MLS, and so long as Participant, the applicable Subscriber, and/or the applicable Technology Provider are not in default under these Rules and Regulations or any agreement with CVR MLS, CVR MLS will grant to the Participant, the applicable Subscriber of the Participant, or the applicable Technology Provider a license to the Listings of such Participant. The license will only be granted pursuant to a license agreement acceptable to CVR MLS. CVR MLS has no obligation to grant a license to the Participant, any Subscriber, or any Technology Provider which does not enter into a license agreement. In addition to any applicable license fee payable by the Participant, Subscriber, and/or the Technology Provider, the Participant or Subscriber shall pay to CVR MLS all costs and expenses incurred by CVR MLS in connection with any licenses and any services provided by CVR MLS in connection with such licenses.