ARTICLE 19: Third Party License Agreements

Subject to obtaining the consent of each Participant, after giving notice as provided in this Section, each Participant and Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that CVR MLS may license, or otherwise grant rights, to a third party to the MLS Database or the IDX Database, or any or all of the Listings included in the MLS Database or the IDX Database, at any time in CVR MLS’ sole discretion, for any purpose deemed appropriate by CVR MLS. In accordance with the foregoing, each Participant and Subscriber expressly consents to CVR MLS granting the licenses and other rights described in the foregoing sentence. Except for licenses granted to display IDX Listings in accordance with these Rules and Regulations, and licenses granted to Subscribers which are necessary to enable Subscribers to facilitate cooperative brokerage transactions involving Listings included in the MLS Database, CVR MLS agrees to provide notice to each Participant of any license granted by CVR MLS to a third party. Participant may rescind such consent for the inclusion of his/her Listings in that specific license if Participant provides notice to CVR MLS within ten (10) days of delivery of CVR MLS notice to Participant.

If CVR MLS grants a license or other rights to Participant’s Listings to any third party, all exclusive Listings, regardless of type, will be included in the feed of Listings unless a Participant withholds consent for such license. CVR MLS may exclude from such license or grant of rights any Listing where (a) the Listing displays to the public the property’s street address or a graphic display of the property’s specific location, and (b) the Seller displays on the property a “For Sale by Owner” sign or another sign or notice indicating that the Seller is soliciting direct contact from buyers.

Unless a Participant is not an IDX Participant, each Participant expressly consents to all IDX Participants and all Subscribers who are agents of IDX Participants advertising all IDX Listings for properties listed for sale by the Participant in accordance with these Rules and Regulations, and in connection with such advertising, each Participant consents to CVR MLS granting licenses to all IDX Listings to IDX Participants, Subscribers who are agents of IDX Participants, Technology Providers and other third parties deemed appropriate by CVR MLS to facilitate the display of IDX Listings by IDX Participants and applicable Subscribers.