Regulation No. Violation Fine Current
4.6 Password Sharing $2,500
4.8 E Inaccurate Listing data $250
4.9.3 D Providing MLS Database information to unauthorized parties $250
5.1 Failure to input Listing  within (3) days of Listing ratification $250
5.6 Incomplete Listing data $250
5.7 Advertising and/or self-promotion in remarks field $250
5.8 Failure to upload one or more photos within three (3) days of Listing submission $250
5.9 Failure to submit a copy of an office exclusive or delayed entry listing agreement to the MLS within three days of Seller ratification $250
5.25 Failure to update Listing release status within five (5) days of release ratification $250
5.29 Entry of Duplicate Listing $250
5.33 Copying Listing content and or photos without consent $250
5.36 Failure to submit copy of Listing agreement when requested by MLS $250
7.7 Unauthorized advertising of another agents Listing $1000
7.10 Failure to report Pending status within five (5) days of contract ratification $250
7.11 Repealed 8/12/11  
7.12 Failure to properly document remarks and contingency status for First Right of Refusal $250
7.13 Failure to report cancellation of Pending Status $250
7.13.1 Falsifying cooperating agent participation $250
7.14 Failure to report settlement $250
7.15 Failure to report refusal to sell $250
IDX Transmitting IDX information to unauthorized third party $2,500
Lockbox No CVR MLS approved lockbox $250
Lockbox Failure to enter a lockbox serial number within three(3) days of listing submission or entry of an invalid or duplicate serial number $250
Lockbox Violation of lockbox key terms of use or other security violation. a.  First Offense: $500 fine b.  Second Offense: $1,000 fine and a 30-day suspension of Key and Lockbox System privileges. Progressive fines and loss of use.
  c. Third and subsequent Offenses: $2,500 fine and 60-day suspension of Key and Lockbox System Privileges  
9.5 Six (6) or more un-refuted Notices of Violation within a calendar month, or six (6) violations of the same rule within a in a calendar year. $500
21 Unauthorized distribution of Statistical data or other compilations $2,500