Section 12.2 SUPRA Lockbox and Key Services

CVR MLS will vend SUPRA I-Box Lockboxes and administer Key leases for Participants and Subscribers of CVR MLS,  South Central Association of REALTORS® MLS (SCAR MLS) and the CBRAR PS. All CVR MLS and CBRAR PS Participants and Subscribers are eligible to lease a Supra lockbox key, subject to submissions of letters of good standing, execution of a lease agreement with CVR MLS and SUPRA and the payment of all required fees.

Limited Access E-key Only Service

a. Licensed pest control inspectors affiliated with a CVR MLS Service Provider Company may lease a SUPRA Limited Access E-key. Limited Access E-key holders must obtain an access code from the Listing Agent in order to enter a property. Listing Agents are not required to authorize limited E-key access.

Sharing of Limited Access E-keys is strictly prohibited. Any sharing of a Limited access E-key or entry for a purpose other than a termite inspection is considered unauthorized access and a default under the term of the CVR MLS Service Provider User Agreement. CVR MLS Service Provider Limited Access E-key service may be terminated for non-payment of applicable fees and/or unauthorized use or sharing of E-keys.

Requirements: A Pest Control Company that desires access to SUPRA Limited Access e-Key service must submit proof of VDAC licensure and Quality Pro certification; a completed CVR MLS Service Provider application and Service fee. Once a Pest Control Company has been approved for limited access e-Key service, licensed inspectors affiliated with the Pest control Company may obtain a limited access E-key by  executing a CVR MLS Limited Access e-Key application, a SUPRA limited access E-key agreement and payment of the activation fee.

b. Un-licensed assistants employed by CVR MLS Participants and/or subscribers may lease a SUPRA Limited Access E-key. To obtain access unlicensed Assistants must complete an application signed by the CVR MLS Participant, execute a SUPRA Limited Access e-Key agreement with SUPRA and pay all activation and user fees.

Rev 3/16

ARTICLE 12: SUPRA Lockbox and Keyholder Rules

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