Section 12.2.11 PIN and Shackle Code Requests

If a Key Holder requests a new PIN or has forgotten their PIN, they must appear personally at CVR MLS’s office and produce appropriate identification.

a. Appropriate identification shall consist of a valid Virginia Driver’s License (or in the absence thereof a valid picture ID) and Holder’s Virginia Real Estate License (pocket copy).
b. Should a Lockbox owner need to obtain a shackle code, the lockbox owner or Designated REALTOR for the Subscriber/owner may call and giving their Key PIN to staff. Staff may then release the shackle code via telephone. Staff may only release shackle codes for Lockboxes owned by the caller or the Designated REALTOR® CVR MLS assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen Lockboxes or their contents.

ARTICLE 12: SUPRA Lockbox and Keyholder Rules

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