Section 12.2.10 Designated REALTOR® and Key Holder Responsibilities

For as long as Holder shall have an activated Key, the Designated REALTOR® shall maintain supervisory authority over Holder. Holder shall be actively engaged in the real estate profession as defined by the National Association of REALTORS®.

a. Holder shall maintain an active, valid Virginia real estate license or appraiser’s licenses.
b. Holder agrees acknowledges that they are liable for all duties, responsibilities, and obligations consistent with use of the Key and lockbox service.
c. Holder shall promptly notify CVR MLS or SCAR should they cease to hold an active, valid real estate or appraiser’s license.
d. Holder shall comply with all Rules and Regulations and Policies for use of Lockbox and Key.
e. Holder shall keep CVR MLS advised in writing of their current address at all times. Address changes shall be reported to CVR MLS or SCAR within three (3) days.
f. Should Holder transfer ownership of the Lockbox(es) to another authorized individual, Holder shall immediately notify CVR MLS in writing of the transfer and identify by serial number and shackle code the box(es) involved.

ARTICLE 12: SUPRA Lockbox and Keyholder Rules

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