Section 12.1 Definitions

  1. Lockbox is the lock box supported by the Supra Information System.
  2. Lockbox System is the Supra Information System supporting the Lockbox.
  3. Key is the Active Key or e-KEY Software or any future product introduced by Supra.
  4. Key Holder or Holder is a real estate licensee ,licensed appraiser who subscribes to the CVR MLS SUPRA lockbox key service.
  5. DR (Designated REALTOR®)/Participant as defined under Article 3, Section 3.1 of the CVR MLS Rules and Regulations.
  6. CVR MLS is the Central Virginia Regional Multiple Listing Service.
  7. Person means an individual or an entity.
ARTICLE 12: SUPRA Lockbox and Keyholder Rules

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